Fresno trash measure turns into internship quid pro quo



Since November, California's Central Valley has become the hotbed of campaign activity as California Republicans attempt to take a solidly Democratic State Senate seat, formerly held by State Sen. Michael Rubio (D-Bakersfield).

Additionally, a new local fight in Fresno has spilled onto the statewide radar for political insiders as Mayor Ashley Swearengin and City Manager Mark Scott have called in GOP reinforcements to assist in a campaign to privatize residential trash service for city residents.

The measure, Measure G, spawned after Fresno's City Council voted to approve privatization and was challenged with a petition campaign from the City's blue collar union. The solvency of Fresno is riding on the success of the initiative, supporters say.

But fresh controversy arose on Wednesday when Yes on G campaigners hit Fresno high schools to recruit students to intern for the campaign. ABC station KFSN ABC 30 reported that the campaign offered high schoolers the opportunity to intern with the promise that they would receive a letter of recommendation from Swearengin upon completion of the campaign.

One student claimed that he was the son of a city garbage worker who would lose his job if the privatization plan was enacted by voters.

Here's the video from KFSN: