A New Tradition: Welcome to Davis Political Review


Today, a group of bright and hardworking students are proud to introduce a new tradition at UC Davis – voicing their opinions on issues that matter. After arriving at this great university, I realized that Aggies were missing a valuable tool to discuss issues that affect them beyond the classroom and across the Causeway.

Enter “Davis Political Review.”

The people listed in our masthead and in the bylines of our articles have the guts to talk about the issues deliberated in Sacramento, along with those facing the state of California, the nation and the world. Our hope is that many more Aggies will speak their minds in this forum.

DPR is a political commentary magazine separated into four main sections: The Causeway, State, Nation and Globe. Each focuses on a specific political arena – the state Capitol, California, the United States and the rest of the world, respetively.

Each article is published under the name of the author and the views expressed in review articles are those of the writer and not of the publication as a whole.

DPR issues no editorials, and our editorial board will never take an organization-wide position on political issues or endorse candidates.

This publication, and future editions, will continue to be filled with insightful discussions of issues much like the ones introduced in this edition.

I hereby dedicate this publication to the students of the University of California, Davis in the hopes that they will continue to express themselves in whatever medium they choose.

Vox populi vox dei.

ALEX E. TAVLIAN Editor-in-Chief, Davis Political Review